How we help

Integration of the Jewish community

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Co-financing of the summer and winter family camps:

The ATID camp
Jewish summer camp for children and youth, during which participants take part in artistic workshops, trips, Jewish culture classes, sport and dance activities and other attractions. Kosher meals are provided. The ATID camp is a safe and interesting way for a unique holiday!

International Jewish Camp in Szarvas, Hungary
Camp participants come from 24 countries in Europe, America and Asia. The program consists of various classes, including sports, art, learning Israeli dances, attractive evening programs - all in an international Jewish atmosphere.

Summer and winter trips for families with children aged 0 - 13
The program includes educational activities for different age groups, sports activities.

Integration trips for young people aged 12-17 and for families. The program includes joint Sabbath celebration, discussions, integration games, and Torah study programs for those who are interested.

Co-financing of JCC cards

Direct help

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The direct help program is addressed to Jewish families with children and to elderly people of Jewish descent who, due to poor economic or health conditions, are not able to satisfy their basic needs on their own.

Help is available for families who find themselves in a bad economic situation as a result of job loss, illness and related expenses, medical treatment or rehabilitation, disability, low incomes that do not allow them to meet their basic needs or to cover unexpected expenses.

Assistance is offered in the following forms:

  • education – co-financing of fees for a nursery, kindergarten, school, participation in additional educational activities, purchase of school starter kits
  • health care - co-financing of treatment, rehabilitation, vaccinations, medical and rehabilitation equipment
  • purpose-specific benefits – co-financing of rent, school lunches, purchase of winter clothing for children, purchase or repair of necessary home appliances

Every family in need of assistance faces different problems, which is why we guarantee an individual approach to each request.


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The Puszke Foundation co-finances sports camps and extracurricular activities related to physical activity.

Sport integrates, teaches fair play principles, patience and perseverance, and above all - social skills.

We support young athletes! We appreciate tenacity, passion and healthy competition.

Children's development

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We support the development of children as it is an investment in them and our future.

We support the development of children as it is an investment in them and our future. We want to reach the youngest, who are exceptionally talented and need opportunities for further development in various fields. The Puszke Foundation supports them in studying, sport and artistic fields, e.g. by granting educational scholarships.

We also take care of children who require more care and commitment. We help them, inter alia, by subsidizing additional classes, buying textbooks or specialized psychological support.

What have we done so far?
  • We co-financed family stays for summer and winter integration family holidays
  • We subsidized the participation of children and youth in the ATID camps
  • We subsidized the participation of children and youth in international camps in Szarvas
  • We provided financial assistance to families for: treatment, food, payment of rent, purchase of fuel, school starter kits, necessary clothing and footwear, repair of household appliances

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